What is a lighting workshop?

It is an opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in lighting design.

The main purpose is to realize a project of full-scale lighting through the guide and experience of workshop heads.

The workshop will last 5 days and is made possible thanks to the support of some manufacturers who like to invest on culture of well-designed lighting.


Who are the workshop heads?

They are professional and experienced lighting designers from Italy, Sweden, Israel and Russia. They really fall in love with well designed lighting!

Here they are, discover the workshop heads


What is Luci in Riviera's workshop?

It is an educational (and unique in Italy) event, focused on urban lighting. The workshop has two main moments::

  1. conceptual work, mock-ups on site, presentation of the concept to the client (the city of Dolo) and installation of the equipment;
  2. exhibition of the lighting installations, open to public from 22 September until 7 October 2018.


Is there a registration fee for participants?

Yes, the fee will differ depending on whether the participant is a student or a professional. More information is available on the workshop registration form


Who can participate?

If you are a young professional or university student (in Architecture, in Engineering, in Design, etc.), this workshop is definitively for you.

You do not need a huge knowledge of light or lighting, but you should be gifted of enthusiasm and desire to work together with other people.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a certificate which will certify the participation in “Luci in Riviera 2018”.


When we will begin?

The lighting workshop begins on Monday 17 September and ends on Saturday 22 September 2018. You are requested to arrive in Dolo not later than Sunday 16 September evening.


How the workshop works?

The workshop is divided into five phases:

  1. Gathering and presentation: the client (the city of Dolo) and each workshop head will present themselves and introduce the selected sites;
  2. Survey and analysis of sites: partecipants conduct analyses of the sites, tutored by the WH select the working site, workshop heads and teams.
  3. Concept: the participants will choose the sites, will be divided into groups and mentors will be assigned. Immediately after, they will control the available equipments. They will also begin to develop the concept of each site;
  4. Mock-up: the participants will present their concept to the customer (the city of Dolo) and, in the evening, will perform the first tests with the equipment;
  5. Installation: partecipants will complete the installation work for the naugural evening of September 22.


Are some lectures dedicated to partecipants?

We will provide lectures on topics of lighting design, technology, equipment know-how and safety issues.

What is the theme?

The topic selected for “Luci in Riviera 2018” is “Un mondo di luce” (A world of light). It is a simple philosophy, but it will allow us to share the beauty and to discover our territory in a different way, thanks to playful events of unconventional lights.


Are there any reductions available or conventions?

The registration fee includes accommodation. If you belong to a Luci in Riviera's partner association, university or aevent, a fee reduction is available.

The shopkeepers of Dolo are studying the possibility of offering further discounts to participants and visitors.


Download the official brochure!

What is Luci in Riviera's workshop?
Un mondo di luce is the thema selected for 2018 edition.
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