The goal of Luci in Riviera is to tell with light the suggestions recalled by Brenta’s cultural heritage, the waterway that links Padua and Venice. It is the unique


This year we chose Dolo (Venice), a splendid little town, where history and art offer beautiful sights in a Venetian atmosphere unchanged over time. The lighting installations will be open to the public from 23 September to 8 October 2017.


Promoted by Pro loco "Pisani",  the long-term event  is organized as a path of light installations which will begin in Stra and end in Venice, evoking the way the ancient Venetian noblemen sailed to reach the Serenissima, rediscovering  famous monuments, but also lesser-known sights.


The recreational and educational aspect of the light will be developed through creative laboratories and unconventional plays of light with students of local schools.


A program of collateral events in the Villas and in the Cities of Riviera del Brenta is in preparation and will be available ASAP.


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